About Us

TrafficSAMS-comTrafficSAMS™, LLC is the Delaware Corporation which is focusing on the commercialization of its founder and CEO Llewellyn Benn design for an innovative, programmable and environmentally-friendly Traffic Safety Arrow Messaging System.

The TrafficSAMS™, product is designed to replace current sign systems used in traffic management on a temporary and portable basis for highway construction and special events. Our product is substantially smaller and more portable than current temporary sign systems due to the reduction in size of the hardware necessary to support the visual display and to power the unit.

Our Mission

TrafficSAMS™ is the leading traffic sign supplier. We are continually providing the best and most technological enhanced products on the market. Our products are sought after for their reliability and excellence. We treat each customer with respect and we are known for our outstanding customer service.

Projected Revenues

TrafficSAMS™’s revenues are projected to grow significantly in the next twelve months. Monthly revenue will increase to $425,000. For the 12-month period, revenues will total $5.0 million and this will yield an operating profit of $2.9 million and a net income of $1.7 million.


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