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TrafficSAMS™ provides a unique Traffic Messaging Arrow System. It is substantially smaller and more portable then current temporary sign systems, especially in the hardware necessary to support the visual display and to power the unit.


TOP 10 BENEFITS of USING TrafficSAMS™ PATENT – Traffic Safety Arrow Messaging System

1. Solar Powered “Green Technology”
We`ve designed, engineered and manufactured TrafficSAMS to be a 100% “green technology” with multi- day power capacity and no need for any sunlight for a minimum of 3 days. In addition, your purchase may qualify for government “Green Incentive programs”



TrafficSAMS™ is the leading international traffic sign supplier. We provide the best and most technological enhanced products on the market. Our product is sought after for their reliability and excellence. We provide our customer individual approach at affordable costs and stand by 24/7 service.


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